Welcome. This is the official blog of http://www.SaveStanton.com and a central collection point for all the commentary and venting regarding the firing of Steve Stanton, the transgender city manager of Largo, Florida. We’ve received so many wonderful emails and each deserves a forum to share its frustration, despair and hope. So, here it is. Over the next day or two we’ll put up some of the emails after getting permission from the writers. This is meant as an open forum so please post and link away – I’ll add serious writers about the goings on in Largo to the roll here. Thanks to everyone for keeping the fire burning. This is far from over.
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3 Responses to “About”

  1. Dixie Says:

    I am the wife of a transgendered individual as well as the founder of an online support group (A Crossdressers Secret Garden http://groups.yahoo.com/group/acrossdresserssecretgarden/ ) of over 1600 transgender persons & their families. I would like to offer our support to Steve in his fight to correct this grave injustice. Already many of the members of our group have emailed and called the commission in support of Steve and will continue to do so as long as it is necessary.

    As well, our non-profit Organization-The Dual Gender Foundation, that holds a transgender event (En Femme Getaway http://femmegetaway.com/ ) where those who are transgender can freely express their true selves in a friendly & safe environment, have decided to donate to his legal fund.

    For those individuals out there that do not understand what it is to be transgendered I invite you to visit my website that was set up as an informational site for wives, but has evolved to educate everyone about the Transgender Community. If I might suggest, read a bit here BEFORE you post your HATE messages, it just may be an eye opener for you. A Crossdressers Secret Garden http://cdsecretgarden.femmegetaway.com/

    As to those on the commission who voted to dismiss Steve, just keep in mind that it is estimated 1 in 10 individuals is transgender, chances are you are in contact with more transgender people than you realize. Maybe even your husband, son, father, brother or even your daughter! Think about that, would you toss them to the wolves as you have Steve? Food for thought, isn’t it!

    A Wife who PROUDLY supports her husband and all who are transgender

    P.S. I hope I have done this right! I have never posted to a blog before, if not I apologize.

  2. Carol Leigh Says:

    This month alone I have been involved in defendint two TS firings. Sadly, unless someone is willing to “step up to the bat,” these travesties will continue with blatant discrimination and prejudice.

    Steve, I am impressed with your genteel handling of your “media attention,” but even more, I want to give your wife her due! This is every TG’s wife’s nightmare! I wish I could send her a cyber hug in solidarity.

    I have submitted several letters to the editor of the local paper, St. Pete’s Times. This is not only a personal issue for Steve and his family, it is a “call to action” for the entire TG community! Sadly, the TG community does not alway know WHO they are, and WHAT to do. I submitted the following this morning on behalf of ALL TG persons.

    To the Editor
    It is obvious with today’s story about Steve Stanton’s appeal, that this case has implications way beyond what it going on in Largo, FL. Frankly, it SHOULD be none of my business how a local community in Florida decides to run their government. However, Steve being transgender has brought this to the forefront for, by closest estimates, nearly 10% of the population of the United States. Many of whom suffer themselves in ignorance of just “why they are the way they are.” It is why I have personally been involved in several suicide interventions as those afflicted often have no idea what is so disruptive to their emotional health as to seek the only other “way out” of their dilemma.

    These are people who know and live with gender identity issues. Much maligned by society’s ignorance, subject to their own instances of prejudice and discrimination, they are standing up with Steve and simply asking for the opportunity to “teach” what this condition is, and how it manifests itself.

    As a retired educator, I can relate to ignorance as being a curable condition, but only if those so afflicted will open up their minds and senses to learning. And that is what the “big uproar” is really all about. Years ago “society” scorned those with Down’s Syndrome, left-handedness, and Leprosy. Fortunately, with knowledge and learning we, as social creatures, now understand that these conditions are not the result of human choice, but how they are treated IS the direct result of education.

    Persons suffering with gender incongruities are still a misunderstood culture and are simply seeking the opportunity to correct the misconceptions to which they are daily subjected.

    So, Largo, you, as a city, have been thrust into the forefront of a campaign that is being waged throughout the world for persons suffering with gender incongruities. Your display of tolerance for diversity is once again being challenged. But this time you have the opportunity to be counted among the leaders in changing the way people view gender incongruity, and recognizing these persons can, and do make valuable contributions to our society. They are not “freaks,” or perverts, or deviants. They come from all walks of life and contribute to our social value in many venues. Many are clergy, military and law enforcement, engineers, and teachers. They walk your streets along with you, coach little leagues, and pay taxes. But within each of them they are fighting battles society simply doesn’t understand.

    Now is your time to shine, Largo! You have been given an opportunity to make much improvement in so many lives that have fought this battle alone for years. Give Steve, and his panel of experts, the chance to be heard and understood. Give those with gender incongruities the respect of trying to understand their condition. In doing so, you will provide a wonderful tool for instruction and knowledge.

    When this has passed, go back to running your city government with the grace and aplomb with which you have in the past. All I ask on behalf of Steve, and many others struggling with the same incongruities, is the opportunity to create some lucidity of a terribly complex and misunderstood condition. Then make your professional judgements based on intelligence, not ignorance and misunderstanding.


    Carol Leigh

    Frequently we learn where we stand when we see what is NOT covered by the media.

    Hugs…Carol Leigh

  3. Beth Says:

    I saw Steve Stanton’s story on John Stewart – and I was astonished. As a Florida Resident for 18 years, I can’t believe this could be happening.

    I just want to let Steve know that people are thinking of him and we support you 100%! Fight for your rights – and good luck in everything you do!

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