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NCLR announces that Steve Stanton and Karen Doering will appear on Larry King Live tonight, Thursday, April 12.

Following an impressive line-up of experts and the words of NCLR Senior Couynsel Karen Doering, Stanton speaks to the Largo City Commission before public comment and their subsequent vote on March 23, 2007. Click on the picture here We Lost Ourselves in Largo to watch it.

Jim Hunt“I have been following the events in Largo and I fully support the efforts of City Manager Steve Stanton to continue in the profession that he has dedicated much of his life. I have found that by opening a community conversation, we provide the opportunity for growth and building a stronger community. I learn each day how far we are from a truly inclusive country. I am hopeful that this experience is one that we will look back on as a pivotal moment for the transgender community. I personally learn a great deal each day and appreciate the struggles that many in our country face []. I applaud Steve Stanton’s courage.”

As I have continued on the journey to build a more inclusive country, I am amazed at the fear that exists in people. We seem to want to return to an era in America that in many ways never existed. The white picket fences and neat little houses disguised a frightening reality for many. Sadly, many don’t want to sit at the table and discuss these very real issues. While the Steve Stanton case could have been an opportunity for community growth and maturity, it was seized upon by community fear.”

“I have a very real belief that community is the answer and that the Steve Stanton case is a signpost along the road to greater understanding. I trust that this is the beginning of a journey and not the end of a career.”

Please visit SteveStanton.Com for more information about Past President Hunt and Steve Stanton’s Fight For Equality

The only way we can judge someone, is by his accomplishments, this
person, for years has performed a great job.

His only so called “guilt” is to have “guts” to come out to
everybody, about a pain, that has hounted him for most of his life.

What about if in this comission of seven, there is someone who is
also from the GLBT section of the population, he/she is scared to
death to come out, now knows, what would happen to her/him.

Crucifying her, is like going back in time, we are progressive
country, why have we make a step backwards?????

Think again what you could be facing also even if you don’t belong
to the GLBT group, but to any other section of the population, may
it be caucausian, african american, latin, asian, etc. you could be
int the same place, and then what?????

For the justice for all, be right, don’t let be influenced by
sectarism of a few, that could conduct to the desintegration of a
great country and it’s people.

Thanks for your attentions. Tatianna


March 23, 2007

Today, Friday, March 23, 2007 at 6:00 p.m. in Largo, Florida, City Manager Steve Stanton will appear before the Largo City Commission in an Attempt to Keep His Job. Please renew your contact efforts today and tell the Largo City Commission that you support Steve Stanton and that you believe that gender discrimination is wrong. Visit this link here if you want to know what you can do to help the cause.

Hero of The Day

March 22, 2007

Ken Yeager Ken Yeager, the first openly gay city council member in San Jose, CA, history and current county supervisor, announced strong support for Steve Stanton today. Click here