Tatianna to Save Stanton.com

March 23, 2007

The only way we can judge someone, is by his accomplishments, this
person, for years has performed a great job.

His only so called “guilt” is to have “guts” to come out to
everybody, about a pain, that has hounted him for most of his life.

What about if in this comission of seven, there is someone who is
also from the GLBT section of the population, he/she is scared to
death to come out, now knows, what would happen to her/him.

Crucifying her, is like going back in time, we are progressive
country, why have we make a step backwards?????

Think again what you could be facing also even if you don’t belong
to the GLBT group, but to any other section of the population, may
it be caucausian, african american, latin, asian, etc. you could be
int the same place, and then what?????

For the justice for all, be right, don’t let be influenced by
sectarism of a few, that could conduct to the desintegration of a
great country and it’s people.

Thanks for your attentions. Tatianna


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