Tamara Temple to Save Stanton.com

March 9, 2007

I would like to stand up and be counted among Steve/Susan’s
supporters. I think it is disgraceful what the commission has done to
him. All people are worthy of respect and fair dealing. Transsexualism
is just another human condition. The commission and the people of
Largo need to get over themselves and end their bigotry. Those 5
commissioners showed more cause to be recalled that Stanton did to get

Tamara – Santa Clara, CA


One Response to “Tamara Temple to Save Stanton.com”

  1. Dr Lewis Turner Says:

    The decision to undergo gender transition is not an easy process and ultimately can not be indefinetely postponed. Gender transition does not affect someone’s ability to do their job. Indeed, research has found that organisations which support the process are rewarded by having happier, more productive and creative people working for them. Those who object to someone who is good at their job transitioning to another gender are guilty of sex discrimination in its most fundamental form – if the fact that a man becomes a woman can be seen to have a bearing on their ability to do their job. Stanton’s transition should be seized as an opportunity rather than a crisis.

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