From Veronica LeGends to

March 8, 2007

Your case has many of us working overtime trying to get the word out about your situation.

I have been sending my own version of the letter from this site.

Have posted a MySpace Blog here.

And sent letters to every link and address that I can find on your behalf including my national represntatives as well as your local ones.

A large number of us are posting this information in Yahoo and MySpace groups and we are working HARD to get the word out to support you. PLEASE feel free to use my blogs, comments and Myspace to further the cause of support of Susan Stanton. Any post against Ms Stanton or promoting discrimination is promptly deleted.

I have also been a repeat victim of employment discrimination and I have on two instances sued employers who were blatant and flagrant in their abuse. While you may not wish to go back to where you are not wanted, the message that would send is most valuable to the rest of the community. The laws in CA where I live are different, but from what little that I know of your case, it looks pretty obvious that your lack of integrity was a result of your transition solely and had no reflection on your performance. PLEASE for the sake of the Trans Community consider a lawsuit within the policies of the Labor Commission of the state of Florida. The policy here in CA is such that your award will be equal to the amount of wage that would have been earned to the date of the settlement. It also forces the employer to offer you your former post and you do have the option to decline.

I mention that I have twice sued employers. I am NOT a lawsuit-happy individual. I have been let go from a few jobs where I began transition, but only 2 were BEYOND a shadow of a doubt. The last one (speaker company known as Renkus-Heinz in 2005) was so fine a line that it was considered, but there was a shadow of a doubt, pale as it may have been. This also sends the message that we are not petty.

There is a fine line of when to sue and when not to. Your case is so far from that line, I implore you to consider carefully your plan of action. The vindication while it may not be neccesary for you to feel good about yourself, will be a major victory for you financially and for the Trans community legally. Your case could be large enough to attract the national attention needed to enact a real change. My case did not receive any such attention and was swept under the rug, or you would have heard about it by now. (Ronnie Spang vs US TelePacific Corp 1999).

Please feel free to use me, my case or contacts to help you win this case. IF you keep me posted I will remain involved and continue to share information and ask friends to write letters on your behalf. You have many more friends than you know.


Veronica LeGends


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