From Rachel So to

March 7, 2007

I just heard of the support website, and dropped by.

Steve looks like he was an outstanding public servant, and the people of Largo deserve talented individuals like him. Unfortunately, religious bigotry turns people blind, and people are fixated on the fact that Steve is about to become Susan. But I know fully that Susan, at peace with herself at last, will be an even better public servant than Steve ever was.

When we protect the bigots under religious protections, but fail to extend the most basic job security and dignity to people like Steve, we have failed completely as a society. Please don’t let that be the case.
It’s even more enraging when another rumored transgender woman, Ann Coulter, can hurl homophobic remarks at John Edwards with impunity (and wield influence and make tons of money), when the transwoman who quietly and loyally served her community is no longer wanted. What does this say about the current American society?

This is so wrong, and I hope for Steve to be able to continue working for the city of Largo. If he can’t, it’s Largo’s loss, and I sincerely hope another organization or community will extend a welcome to him.

As a transwoman currently working on a transgender themed novel, I am taking very big interest in this case, and hope that Goddess will in the end serve justice.

Steve has my full support.


One Response to “From Rachel So to”

  1. Sarah Helene Says:

    As somebody in the same position as Steve Stanton as a person, I find it very distressing to see how people like us are mistreated and descriminated against in supposedly educated and intellegent countries.

    To often now the image we get in the UK is that there are clearly large sections of Americans, supposedly intellegent, who clearly live highly biggoted lives forcing there own uneducted belief’s on others.

    I’ve read up on Steve Stanton from the available information, he’s been a loyal long term public servant who has previously been respected and admired for the work he has done for the tax payers of Largo.

    Now all of a sudden, he is turned on by a group of community leaders who he has served, and why. He is being discriminated against, probably because some people have narrow minded religious views, that preach hate and not the unconditional love of fellow man that true christians like me live by.

    Transsexuals were made by God just as much as those who see themselves as 100% male or female. Transsexuals suffer unbelievable personal pain till they are shown the path to personal happiness by God, that is if you believe like me God guides our lives.

    God has shown Steve and I to the doors of people who can help us. In the UK people are clearly far more educated about transsexualism, and when I transitioned I ended up with about 98% of support from the hundreds of people who knew my male self for 49 years. One very religious person who shunned me in the early days has since made approaches to me to be friends again, as I believe he has taken the time to educate himself about transsexualism. Thank God my employers learnt about this condition and are fully supportive and protective towards me.

    I suggest the leaders of hate and despise, and those who really want to know what makes somebody like Steve or I have to go through with what we need to do to find harmony for our souls, go to learn at places like the Harry Benjamin institute.
    Harry Benjamin, though German born, lived most of his life in the USA and became a citizen. For the rest of the world his understanding has set the levels of understanding, acceptance and treatment for transsexuals like us ..

    I’d like to ask the authorities of Largo, and those who consider themselves educated, to ignore religious bigotry, and use your enquiring minds to learn about us, and realise the pain unfounded narrow minded views inflict on other human beings.

    Sarah Helene.

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