From Jule Marin to

March 7, 2007

My name is Julie Marin.  I am the Founder of TCOPS, the Transgender Community of Police & Sheriffs.  My organization has about 600 members who are federal, state and local law enforcement officers.  Employment discrimination is of keen concern to all of the members in this group.   When someone’s job and livelihood is taken from them, it is a huge concern to the employee and their family.  It introduces a tremendous amount of stress on the situation, complicating an already stressful situation. 

Susan Stanton is being removed from her position as the City Manager of Largo for no other reason than, she chose to have the courage and character to be authentic.  She simply told people a secret about herself, something that hurts no one and is usually a private experience.  She has obviously struggled with Gender Identity Disorder; a legitimate medical condition, for many years. Her character, integrity and sense of professionalism led her to begin the process of transitioning genders, by disclosing her very intimate feelings, in a very public setting.   Someone without these characteristics, would not have done this and would not have done it with the sense of grace and class that Ms. Stanton has. 

The Mayor, the Fire Chief, the Police Chief, and one solitary member of the Largo City Commission, seem to be her only supporters at the City of Largo.  We would like Susan and the Commission to know, that there are many others who see the intentional dismissal of this public servant as an act of bigotry, and as an affront to diversity.  They should be ashamed of themselves for their lack of inclusion, for their intolerance, and for seeking to terminate an employee without due cause.  

Being transsexual should not be a legitimate reason to fire, dismiss or terminate a qualified and competent employee; one whom days prior to her revelation was praised and had the confidence of all on the Commission.  The sole reason for her dismissal was the public disclosure that she has a personal life, which by all accounts has little or no effect upon her professional qualifications.

TCOPS stands against this deplorable action on a civic employee, who has given her all to the community that she serves.  Susan Stanton deserves better. 


In Solidarity,


Julie Marin, Founder

Transgender Community of Police & Sheriffs (TCOPS)



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